2 Dead in Champlain Boating Accident

Two boaters died in a tragic accident on Tuesday night, June 23, on Lake Champlain, in South Burlington, VT.

The case occurred off Red Rocks State Park, and involved a boat with six passengers aboard (four adults and two minors). According to reports, one of the minors (who was not wearing a lifejacket) jumped off the boat, apparently to cool off, but immediately began to flounder.

One of the adults jumped in the water to rescue the youth, but was unable to swim back to the boat due to strong winds and seas. He also was not wearing a lifejacket. Two more adults entered the water, one holding a lifejacket that apparently proved too difficult to don while in the water. Ultimately, the life jacket was given to the minor and the first adult, who succeeded in swimming to shore. The remaining two people on the boat did not know how to operate the powerboat, and remained drifting on the vessel until the Coast Guard was able to rescue them. Both of the remaining adults in the water drowned. The water temperature was estimated at 74 degrees.