2 Injured in Boat Collision off Nantucket

August 9, 2010: According to the Nantucket Independent, 2 boats were involved in a collision between Madaket and Tuckernuck Islands, in an area known as the Bonito Bar, off Nantucket’s west end late Saturday afternoon, sending 2 boaters to the hospital. One was transported by helicopter for treatment on the mainland._

Location of Collision

The incident began around 5:00 on August 7, when Coast Guard Station Brant Point received a 911 call from one of the 3 passengers aboard a 19-foot, outboard-powered boat reporting they had been struck by larger boat._ The initial report indicated that the offending vessel, a 28-foot, twin-outboard boat named Blue Strike, stuck the smaller boat on its stern, then left the scene.

Minutes after a marine bulletin was issued asking all mariners for information on the boat, its operator, 19-year-old James Sternlicht of Connecticut, called the Coast Guard and admitted his involvement in the accident. Shortly thereafter he met authorities at Warren’s Landing.

The smaller vessel limped into the Walter S. Barrett Public Pier in Hither Creek, where it was met by Madaket harbormasters and medial personnel. The injured crewmembers were transported to Nantucket Cottage Hospital, where one was later airlifted to the mainland for further treatment.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police is handling the investigation.

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