4 Teens Rescued After Norwalk Buoy Collision

July 27, 2010: According to an article on The Hour, an online news source for Norwalk, Connecticut, 4 teenagers were rescued on Monday, July 27, when their 17-foot boat struck a navigational buoy near Manresa Island.

SAT map of area

None of the occupants were injured in the accident, which occurred around 11:13 p.m., according to the article. The Norwalk Fire Dept. and the Marine Unit of the Norwalk Police Dept. responded to the scene after being alerted by the vessel’s owner, who had received a call from his 15-year-old son, who had been operating the boat, shortly after the accident occurred.

The Marine Unit pulled the 4 teenagers, none of who were apparently wearing lifejackets, from the water and transported them to the Cove Marina in Norwalk, where the boat was docked.

Repeated phone calls to the Norwalk Marine Unit for details went unanswered.

The Complete Story below from The Hour Online.

Police rescue boaters after nearly sinking boat
in Norwalk Harbor

Posted on 07/27/2010, NORWALK

By STEVE KOBAK, Hour Staff Writer

Four people were pulled from the water in Norwalk Harbor near Manresa Island late Monday night after their 17-foot boat struck a navigational buoy and started to sink, according to police.

The boat was severely damaged in the accident but the boat’s occupants were not seriously injured, according to Lt. John Maggio, of the Norwalk Fire Department.

Norwalk firefighters and the Marine Unit of the Norwalk Police Department responded to the boating accident at 11:13 p.m., according to Sgt. Peter Lapak of the Marine Unit.

The boat was sinking quickly because it struck a buoy and sustained a four-foot hole in its right side, Maggio said.

By the time emergency crews arrived, the 15-year-old captain of the boat and his three passengers had boarded the 15-year-old’s father’s boat, which was also towing the remains of the damaged boat, Maggio said.

Police learned that the 15-year-old captain had called his father before calling police, Lapak said. His father’s other boat was docked at Cove Marina, and his father quickly set out to rescue the distressed boaters, according to Maggio.

The boaters were not wearing life jackets, and they were in the water for several minutes prior to the rescue, police said.

The fire department and the Marine Unit escorted the boat into Cove Marina, Maggio said. The four people who were aboard the sunken boat were checked for injuries at the marina and though they all complained of soreness, they were not seriously injured, Lapak said.

The Marine Unit is still investigating the accident.