Ashley Ferry Boat Ramp in Claremont, NH, Closed

The public boat access facility along the Connecticut River known as Ashley Ferry, in Claremont, NH, will be closed to accommodate dredging to remove accumulated river silt on the ramp and to regrade the parking area. The closure will begin early in the morning on Monday, July 31. The ramp is expected to reopen late on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

During at least the first two days, a turbidity curtain (a plastic shield placed into the water) will be installed and remain in place, completely blocking the end of the ramp. This equipment traps silt and clay floating in the water as a result of the dredging, preventing it from entering the main course of the river.  For the remainder of the closure period, Fish and Game personnel will be operating earth-moving equipment to regrade the parking area adjacent to the ramp. There will be no opportunity to use the parking area, launch boats, or retrieve boats during this time period.

New Hampshire’s Public Boat Access Program is funded through boat registration fees and federal Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration funds. Fish & Game’s Facilities Construction and Lands Division acquires land for public water access sites, refurbishes existing sites and builds new public boat access areas.

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