Block Island Considers Future of Coast Guard Station

Block Island Coast Guard Station. Photo Tom Richardson

Members of the New Shoreham Planning Board have approved the board’s recommendations for possible uses of the Coast Guard Station that overlooks the entrance to Great Salt Pond on Block Island.

Annual maintenance costs for the station are estimated at $80,000 per year, and sewer and water service to the property would need to be upgraded. The station is currently assessed at being in “poor condition.”

The recommendations will be forwarded to the Town Council for discussion on Feb. 7.

Possible uses for the Coast Guard Station include:

* Town employee housing, or housing for senior-level municipal staff.

* A science and education center that can be utilized as a high school or college campus annex for maritime science studies/climate change and sea level rise research/student dormitories/camping facility.

* Rental space for special events/business incubator/bed and breakfast.

* Maritime use, such as a boat ramp/dinghy dock/sailing academy.


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