Boat Company Sues Dealer Cost Website

J&D Acquisitions, owner of Larson, Seaswirl, FinCraft, Triumph and other popular boat brands, has filed a lawsuit against a new website that reveals what dealers pay for boats, according to an article on

The site,, includes manufacturer and dealer price information, including prices on used models, as well as dealer locator information, educational articles, finance and insurance information, and more. Naturally, the site isn’t sitting well with many in the boating industry.

Regarding its lawsuit, J&D Acquisitions said that the use of its contractual and proprietary pricing information “will damage our brands and our dealers and we will not stand for it.” A letter was sent last week to all Larson, Seaswirl, FinCraft and Triumph dealers and sales representatives to inform them of the legal action. J&D Acquisitions also owns Marquis and Carver yachts.

“Please know that we are fully investigating how this site obtained our contractual and proprietary information,” J&D chairman and CEO Irwin Jacobs said in the letter. “Once such source is identified, you can trust that the appropriate actions will be taken to deal with these individuals.”

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