Boaters Upset by Marina Conditions

According to a report in the Stamford Advocate, boaters in Stamford, Connecticut, are upset that the city has yet to make good on promises to replace a deteriorating dock and make other improvements to Cummings Park Marina.

SAT map showing Cummings Park Marina

For years, the city has deferred maintenance at the marina with the expectation that a full renovation is on its way. Yet now, after what boaters say is a decade since the city authorized funding for the project, city officials say revenue shortfalls have made the prospects of undertaking the work even more remote.

Among the complaints are that the docks have no electricity, meaning marina users have to rely on nearby park lighting, which often is not working or insufficient. A lack of electricity also means there is no place to hook up pumps in case boats are sinking, or power tools for making repairs.

At the edge of the parking lot, the city never covered newly installed bubblers with asphalt, causing the earth covering to wash away. On the other side of the marina building, chunks of slate have come loose, leaving holes where park users could trip and fall. And a boat ramp, broken during dredging, is now left blocked with a concrete barrier. The dock itself is made of creaky old wood and rusty nails.

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