Boaters Warned of Cold-Water Dangers

With warm, sunny weather forecast for the upcoming weekend, the U.S. Coast Guard is reminding mariners that, despite the warm air temperatures, the water temperature is still cold and potentially deadly.

The spring can be a particularly dangerous time as many boaters, in their haste to get on the water, overlook water temperatures. A good guideline to follow is always dress for the water, not the air.

“With water temperatures still in the mid-40s, hypothermia can set in quickly regardless of the air’s warmth,” said Lt. Garrett Meyer, the incident management division chief at Coast Guard Sector Boston. “Taking necessary precautions and preparing beforehand can make a huge difference in how your first trip on the water goes.”

Prior to getting underway, mariners are urged to always check the marine forecast and develop a float plan. The plan should be given to someone reliable who can follow your progress and contact the Coast Guard if things do not go as planned.

“Spending time on the water can be an extremely enjoyable experience,” Meyer said, “But remembering to take the time to properly prepare will help ensure it remains enjoyable!”

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