Boating Instruction Offered at 2014 Newport Boat Show

Newport International Boat Show courses featuring At the Helm.

Newport Exhibition Group will again offer its popular At The Helm program at this year’s Newport International Boat Show, scheduled for September 11-13.

Developed in conjunction with Confident Captain/Ocean Pros, At The Helm provides sailors and powerboaters of all experience levels with the opportunity to run a vessel similar to their current boat, or one they may be interested in purchasing or chartering. Participants receive hands-on instruction and advice from licensed captains and US Powerboating and American Sailing Association-certified instructors.

“The program will enhance maneuvering, safety, navigational, powerboating, and sailing skills with custom tailored instruction based on individual needs and interest,” said Nancy Piffard, Show Director of Newport Exhibition Group.

Five powerboat and four sailing courses will be offered during the show. Each can be customized based on the experience level of the individuals. Advanced booking is required, and can be done online at the Newport International Boat Show under At the Helm here.

Here’s a breakdown of the individual courses:

  • Docking and Maneuvering provides hands-on docking instruction, including collision avoidance and how to handle emergencies in close quarters, as well as stopping, turning and keeping control of a boat in windy conditions.
  • Navigation and Electronics provides the basics of operating a GPS/chartplotter and radar, including planning routes, setting courses and waypoints, taking bearings and avoiding the common pitfalls of electronic navigation.
  • Emergencies Underway helps boaters learn how to confidently and calmly handle emergencies while underway. Activities for this course includes man overboard, medical and fire emergency procedures, and how to call for help and take over if the captain is incapacitated.
  • Advanced Docking and Maneuvering is designed for the confident boat handler and provides hands-on training of advanced techniques using lines and engine control to overcome tight situations. Topics in this course include: motoring with forces such as prop walk, prop wash, wind and currents, and how to master tough maneuvering situations like upwind, downwind and crosswind situations.
  • Becoming a Powerboater is a 3-hour course designed to help boaters become confident at the helm. Topics in this course include: Safe navigation, “The Rules of the Road”, Local, State and Federal regulations to comply with, onboard systems and handling of emergencies underway.

For Sailors:

  • Managing a Sailboat Under Power in Tight Spaces, is a 2-hour course designed to demonstrate the different forces acting on sailboats while maneuvering under power and how they respond to prop walk and wind.
  • Sailing Fundamentals is a 3-hour, hands-on course for beginner sailors. This course utilizes easy techniques for understanding how sailboats move with just the use of the wind.
  • Intermediate Sailing Skills is a 3-hour course that teaches more advanced skills such as reefing, heaving-to, man overboard drills under sail and additional methods of sailing more efficiently.
  • Women Teaching Women is also 3 hours long and is taught by an American Sailing Association certified instructor. It is intended for female sailors of any level who would like to learn additional skills with other women.
  • At The Helm headquarters will be located near the Show’s Commercial Wharf entrance, and all training courses will depart from and return to the docks near the Show grounds.

For more information on the 44th Annual Newport International Boat Show and to purchase tickets, please visit the show’s website here.

For more information on the At The Helm program and to sign up for sessions, Click Here.