New England Boating is Going Places

Marblehead Harbor. Photo by ## Tom Richardson##

If you’ve been a regular visitor to New England Boating, you may have noticed that we profile a new boating destination every Monday. Each destination is broken into 3 sections:

  • An Introduction page that provides a brief overview and photos of the destination;
  • A Names & Numbers page that lists all the marine and travel-related businesses and services in the area, plus blow-up NOAA charts and satellite images showing the locations of launch ramps and anchorages;
  • A Fishing page that tells you where to find and catch different species of fish in the local waters, as well as a list of local charter captains, tackle shops and fishing regulations.

In the 8 months since New England Boating was launched, we’ve created a library of 55 destinations—a feat that would normally take a monthly print magazine at least 5 years to accomplish. And unlike a printed magazine or cruising guide, our destinations continue to “live” on New England Boating, where they are updated as soon as we learn of a change, whether it’s a dredging project or a new dock n’ dine restaurant in the area. Best of all, access to our destination library is free!

Now that we’ve established a solid foundation of destinations, we’re scaling back to running 2 per month as opposed to 4. This will give us more time to be on the water, actively investigating new harbors, lakes and rivers and updating the existing destinations (by “investigate” I mean having fun).

We’d also like to enlist your help in gathering information on YOUR local waters. This can include anything from hazards to avoid to local sites worth visiting by boat to helpful tips on things to do and see. We also hope you’ll let us know if there’s particular place you’d like us to profile on the site. If you’d like to contribute, send an email to me at

Tom Richardson
New England Boating