Boats Adrift After Recent Blow

Coast Guard Sector Northern New England is dealing with large number of unmanned vessels after the strong winds of last weekend. The sector had 17 cases over the weekend involving unmanned vessels adrift during heavy weather

It is the Coast Guard’s policy to treat every unmanned adrift vessels as a possible person in the water case until it can be determined beyond a reasonable doubt that there wasn’t someone aboard.

The only way to conclude these cases is to locate the owner, make a determination based on the facts of the situation that the vessel has been abandoned or suspend operations after an unsuccessful, intense and costly search effort.

The Coast Guard is asking mariners to make an extra effort to keep vessel registration up to date and visible on the vessel so as to eliminate wasted time, effort and money, and possibly save more lives as a result. The Coast Guard points out that kayaks and canoes should have identifying information as well.