Book Review: A Swashbuckling Tale of Block Island

Stone Wall Freedom is a fictional trilogy written by David Lee Tucker and “inspired by the beauty and history of Block Island.” The Pirate is the first book in the series, and focuses primarily on the grim exploits and downfall of a fictional pirate named Giddy Gilcox, who commands a crew of psychopathic cutthroats in the mid-1700s. This is not a tale for children, as the frequent and bloody deeds of the pirates are described in great and grisly detail.

David Lee Tucker

The book begins with Gilcox, a heartless character horribly disfigured by a childhood disease, leading his gang on a raid of a Spanish slave ship, which he sinks with its human cargo still alive. This proves an evil omen, and the gang of ruthless rogues eventually find themselves on the run, pursued by a determined British navy commander. Aside from the sailing skills of their captain, the pirates have another advantage: their ship, a speedy, revolutionary design developed by Gilcox’s father (whose desiccated body travels with the pirates as ballast). Devising a trap for the British, Gilcox heads north to rugged, isolated Block Island, where his plans go badly awry during a sudden storm.

The Pirate is a true page-turner, and it won’t take long to get through the 174-page book. Along the way, boaters will see that Tucker knows his way around a sailing vessel, as well as Block Island, where the author became fascinated with the island’s history and people.

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