Boy Finds Buoy

The Martha’s Vineyard Timesreports on 11-year-old Quinlan Slavin, who stumbled upon a very special buoy while sailing on Tisbury Great Pond on June 30.

It turned out to be a Marine Autonomous Recording Unit (MARU), a pop-up buoy that records the movements of baleen whales, particularly endangered right whales. The data collected by Slavin’s MARU, which had been deployed off the southern coast of Nantucket, is used to help scientists, in part, decide where to alert boaters to whales.

The MARU buoys are anchored to the seafloor for six months before being retrieved, but occasionally break free and float to the surface. According to the Times article, the MARU discovered by Slavin had looped around Nantucket a couple of times before drifting into Tisbury Great Pond.

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