Bristol, RI, Seeks to Expand Town Docks

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-7-25-55-am The town of Bristol’s proposed plan to expand the Church Street dock, adding 122 slips, has run into some roadblocks. At Monday’s Harbor Commission meeting, Harbormaster Gregg Marsili updated commission members on issues that have recently come to light.

The harbormaster reported that the town’s agreement for riparian water rights with Robin Rug owner Russell Karian does not include building access to the shoreline in front of the Robin Rug complex. At a recent meeting between the two, Mr. Karian reminded the harbormaster that his agreement with the town does not include shoreside access. It also does not promise a boardwalk in front of Robin Rug unless there is a redevelopment of the Robin Rug property for residential use, Mr. Marsili said.

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