Buoy-Data Website Useful for LI Sound Boaters

Image/University of CT Dept. of Marine Science.

Your Public Media (YPM) reports on how, long before Connecticut started to feel the effects of Hurricane Sandy, a network of buoys in Long Island Sound were measuring the wind speed and potential storm surge. YPM recently interviewed James O’Donnell, a marine sciences and physics professor at UConn’s Avery Point campus who also oversees the Long Island Sound Integrated Coastal Observing System. LISICOS operates 4 buoys throughout the Sound that provide data to the NOAA forecasting system in real time, about every 15 minutes.

“All of the meterological information—wind, air pressure, temperature —that goes directly to the National Weather Service, and then the public uses it,” O’Donnell said. “Frequently, our website is used by sailors and vacationers to plan their trips. The real value, in terms of who pays for it, is for the weather service, and then for the states and the EPA who are concerned about water quality.”

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Your Public Media

To visit the Long Island Sound Coastal Observatory website CLICK HERE.


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