“Burials” at Sea on Rise in U.S.

Boston.com reports on a growing trend in North America: burials at sea. With cremations on the rise, so too are the number of people whose ashes are scattered over the sea. According to the Cremation Association of America, nearly 40 percent of people who died in this country in 2009 were cremated, up from 20 percent in 1985.

Here’s an excerpt:

Waves gently slapped the sides of the boat as Nancy Mastrangelo’s children and grandchildren, bundled against the mid-December chill, knelt on the bow one at a time to drop handfuls of her ashes into Massachusetts Bay. After leading them in prayer, Captain Brad White rang a bell eight times to mark her passing.

Mastrangelo, 78, an East Boston native who loved the beach, died the week before, after a battle with cancer — just a few months after her husband’s ashes were scattered at sea.

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