Buried Munitions Discovered on Martha’s Vineyard Beaches

Boston.com reports on some dangerous live munitions that have recently been discovered on a Martha’s Vineyard beach, a month after 3 unexploded, 100-pound WW II-era bombs were found on Chappaquiddick Island:

“Tom Rancich, a former Navy SEAL who earned a Bronze Star in Afghanistan, hoisted a 5-inch, 38-caliber shell from the windswept sands of frigid South Beach yesterday.

“Then he displayed previous finds from the sands of Martha’s Vineyard: an 8-pound practice bomb, a 2.25-inch rocket motor, and a 3-inch antisubmarine warhead mounted on a crusty, salt-pocked rocket.

“This dangerous debris, used in US Navy aerial training during World War II, is but the tip of a buried cache of munitions dropped and fired on the island from 1939 to 1947, federal officials said.”

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Have you ever encountered any artifacts or WWII items on the beaches?

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