Cangarda Visits Bristol, Mystic

The steam yacht Cangarda, May 1901. Photo courtesy ## Tri-Coastal Marine ##

September 2, 2010: According to, the Cangarda, an elegant, black, steam-powered yacht built in 1901, will be moored off the Herreshoff Marine Museum through this weekend, depending on the weather.

Cangarda owner Robert McNeil brought the 126-foot yacht from Islesboro, Maine, along with his 58-foot 1911 Herreshoff P-Boat Joyant, to participate in the Herreshoff Classic Yacht Regatta held last weekend, Aug. 27-29.

Cangarda was built at the Pusey and Jones Shipyard in Delaware for lumber mogul Charles Canfield. The name “Cangarda” combines the surnames of Canfield and his wife, Belle Gardner. However, Canfield was forced to sell the boat when he was supposedly caught onboard with another woman.

Cangarda was sold to George Fulford of Ontario, a wealthy Canadian senator who, in 1905, became the first Canadian to be killed in an automobile accident. Fulford’s family kept the renamed “Magedoma” for 20 years, hosting royalty in the yacht’s plush cabins fashioned from Cuban mahogany.

During World War II, the Canadian Navy used the yacht for training exercises. In 1983, another owner began an ambitious restoration project, sending the engine to England for restoration and carefully taking the Victorian woodwork apart piece by piece. However, he was unable to complete the job due to illness, and a photo taken in 1999 shows the yacht’s hull lying on its side in the shallows of a Boston Harbor backwater. Soon after she was rescued by Elizabeth Meyer, the so-called “doyenne of yacht preservation in the U.S.”

The Cangarda is expected to visit Mystic Seaport in Connecticut on Monday, Sept. 6, seas permitting.

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