Cape Cod Boaters Warned by Shark App

Great White Shark Spotted at Duxbury, MA Beach.
Photo/Video screen capture

The Cape Cod Times reports that a boating family was recently warned of the presence of a 14’ great white shark in Chatham’s North Beach Cut after receiving an alert on their iPhone. Shortly after receiving the warning, the family saw the shark swim past their boat.

The shark was originally detected by a spotter pilot who was flying above the area. The pilot notified the crew of a nearby research vessel with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, who then sent a notice to members of the Regional Shark Working Group, which includes beach and public-safety officials from Cape Cod towns. The group issued a public alert using the Sharktivity app developed last winter. The app is intended to give people an idea of where sharks are currently being spotted. Thus far, some 40,000 people have downloaded the app to their iPhones.

In this case, 10,000 people, a member of the aforementioned family, opened the app within 2 minutes of receiving the alert, according to the Times.

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