Capt. Paul Cuffe Honored in New Bedford, MA

SouthCoastToday: The legacy of Capt. Paul Cuffe (1759-1817) can be seen in a Westport monument or in each child who attends Providence’s Paul Cuffee School. He’s the namesake for a research fellowship through Mystic Seaport, and students at Chicago’s Paul Cuffe Math/Science/Technology Academy hit athletic matches as the “Captains.”

Now, a small park in downtown New Bedford will honor Cuffe’s memory, too.

“We’re taking it and renaming it, rededicating it,” said Jim Lopes, the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s vice president of education and programming, of the museum-owned parcel at the corner of Johnny Cake Hill and Union Street. “It would be nice to have a quiet oasis downtown where you could sit and ponder the life of Paul Cuffe and his ideals.”

Note: Capt. Paul Cuffe was born on Cuttyhunk Island in 1759. His father was a slave who had been freed by his Quaker owner. His mother was a Wampanoag Indian. Cuffe later became a successful Quaker shipping magnate, patriot and abolitionist.

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