CGear Sand-Free Mats

CGear Sand-Free, creator of products for a sand-free life, have created a series of mats to keep gear, vehicles, boats, people and pets free of sand and dirt during outdoor adventures. The patented woven fabric used in CGear mats allows dirt and sand particles to fall through the mat and keeps them from working their way to the surface through the bottom of the mat.

Available in a variety of sizes and designs, the CGear mats were originally created to keep sand and dirt at bay for the military during helicopter takeoff and landing. The Original Sand-Free Mat is ideal for camping, RV travel and outdoor living. D-rings around the mat make it easy to stake it under a tent or outside an RV door to keep dirt from being tracked inside. Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL) the Original mat ranges from 6’ x 6’ to 12’ by 12’; color options include green/green, orange/tan and green/blue.

Price: $60 to $130


Watch a video of the CGear Sand Free mat in action!


The CGear Comfort Sand-Free Mat has a softer finish than the Original mat making it perfectly suited for a day at the beach, picnic, or as a play mat when camping with kids. Size options range from a small 3’ 4” x 6’ 6” mat to a large 6’ 6” x 6’ 6” mat. There are 6 color choices: blue plaid, lime, turquoise, digital, forest and brown.

Price: $50 to $80


The Personal Sand-Free Mat was created for backpackers and individuals who just need a small space to sit out of the sand and dirt. It measures 3’ x 3’ and can be rolled and fastened with an included carry handle for easy portability. Reinforced eyelets at each corner make it possible to use tent spikes to secure the mat to the ground.

Finally, the CGear Drone-Mat creates a safe landing target while eliminating the kick-up of sand and dust from drone propellers. The Drone-Mat features a helicopter landing symbol in the center of the mat. It includes stakes for securing the mat to the ground.


$35 (3’ x 3’)

$70 (6’ x 6’)


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