Champlin’s Marina Continues to Fight for Expansion

According to the Block Island Times, Champlin’s Marina has asked the Coastal Resources Management Council to grant it a 3-acre expansion, 195 feet into the Great Salt Pond—as recommended by a CRMC subcommittee and previously granted by a Superior Court judge.

In a filing with CRMC last week, the marina’s lawyers, led by Robert Goldberg, challenge many of the assumptions brought by objectors of the expansion.

Chief among these is the contention that the expansion would be counter to the public trust. Goldberg quotes the state law that says marinas “are deemed to be one of the uses consistent with the public trust.”

That means, according to Goldberg, that “any marina — including Champlin’s — is just as entitled to take up space in the Great Salt Pond as are moored or anchored boats.”

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