Clam Purification Plant Faces Shutdown reports that the shellfish-purification facility in Newburyport, Massachusetts, which detoxifies clams harvested from “moderately polluted” shellfish beds, may be shut down due to state budget costs. The move could put dozens of clam diggers out of business. The state provides the lion’s share of the funds—$400,000—for keeping the plant running.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Dug from the mudflats of Boston Harbor, clams travel here by the bushel to soak in a temperature-controlled saltwater bath treated with ultraviolet light. They like this spa-like environment so much, they depurate, or cleanse themselves of contaminants, making them fit for their ultimate dates with drawn butter and tartar sauce…

The clams and the dozens of workers who dig them may not be happy for much longer as the decades old purification plant — the only state-supported facility of its kind in the nation — faces a shutdown under Governor Deval Patrick’s proposed budget cuts. The state pays much of the more than $400,000 a year it costs to run the plant, which last year treated about 15,000 bushels of shellfish taken from moderately polluted beds, such as those at Logan International Airport or Dorchester’s Malibu Beach.

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