Close Call as Boat Sinks in Westport Harbor, MA

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Two men—a father and his son—were rescued in a bizarre incident in Westport, MA, on Saturday, Dec. 5. According to, Carl Smith of New Bedford and son Kyle Smith of Dartmouth were taking their 13’ skiff for a spin when, shortly after launching, it pitchpoled at high speed and capsized off Lees Wharf, perhaps due to the anchor line becoming fouled in the propeller.

The 2 men, neither of whom was wearing a lifejacket, were thrown into the chilly water. Fortunately, Westport Assistant Harbormaster Jonathan Paull happened to be on a nearby dock, and witnessed the incident. He quickly hopped in the harbormaster’s boat and rescued the men with the help of 2 commercial fishermen.

The boat, which sank, was later retrieved with the engine and two lifejackets still inside, according to the article.

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