Coast Guard Warns Boaters of Heavy Weather

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The U.S. Coast Guard is urging mariners and residents in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island to prepare for heavy weather as it moves into the area over the next few days.

“I strongly encourage individuals who enjoy our coastal areas to take precautions when recreating in or near the water for the next few days,” said Capt. John Kondratowicz, the sector commander for Sector Southeastern New England. “This weather can be dangerous for mariners and others who do not recognize the risks associated with such a storm.”

The Coast Guard recommends the public follow these guidelines:

  • Stay informed: Monitor the progress and strength of the heavy weather through the National Hurricane Center, newspapers, the Internet, and/or local television and radio stations. Boaters should also monitor VHF-FM Channel 16.
  • Secure boats and boating equipment: Owners of boats and recreational watercraft are urged to secure their gear in preparation for heavy weather, making them less likely to break free of their moorings or to be otherwise damaged. Boats that can be trailered should be pulled from the water and stored in a place that is not prone to flooding or damage caused by trees and tree limbs. Mariners who leave their boats in the water are reminded to properly secure life rings, lifejackets and fenders. Users of recreational watercraft like kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and surfboards are urged to store this equipment in an area well away from the water to prevent them from going adrift.

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