Corsair Items to Be Auctioned

Steam yacht Corsair, prior to World War 1, J.P. Morgan (inset.)

Items including stemware, china, poker chips and a cigar cutter taken from famous fanancier JP Morgan’s steam yacht “Corsair” will be auctioned off in Boston on May 1, 2011.

19th century gimbaled ship's compass from the steam yacht "Aloha", with brass bowl, compass card without degree marks. Fastened into a contemporary lucite base. Compass diameter is 6". Box is 8" x 8" x 6". From the estate of Andrew W. Young, grandson of the ship's carpenter. Photo/Boston Harbor Auctions

The “Corsair” became the flagship for the New York Yacht Club in 1897, in concurrence with the election of JP Morgan as Commodore. Onboard “Corsair”, the icon of American finance and his world-renowned guests ate from 200 pieces of this custom-designed Mintons china, cigars were cut with the sterling silver Tiffany cigar cutter, cognac was sipped from the crystal stemware and bets were made with these poker chips. All pieces have a gold and blue border and are hand-painted with the New York Yacht Club burgee on crossed gold flagstaffs with either the Morgan house flag displaying a crescent moon and star or the Club Commodore flag showing a blue field with white anchor surrounded by stars. The pieces are further emblazoned with blue ribbons decorated in gold with “Corsair” or “Flagship”. The china will be sold in individual lots as well as some sets of 2, 4 or 6.

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Painting showing the J class America's Cup defender "Ranger" leading "Endeavour II" in the 1937 cup races while rounding a mark. Both vessels are under full sail with two jibs and a main. Signed lower right P. Stanton. 19 1/2" x 35 1/2", on sight. 27" x 43" overall. Photo/Boston Harbor Auctions
Early 20th century shadowbox showing the American barque “Lottie”. Hull is set into a simulated, carved wooden sea and is rigged with a full set of carved wood sails. Top masts are flying flags and pennants. Overall dimensions 28” long x 36” high x 6” deep. Photo/Boston Harbor Auctions

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