CT Boat Tax Vote Looms

The Connecticut Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee will vote on Tuesday, April 26, on whether or not to raise taxes (Senate Bill 1007).

The bill includes numerous provisions that will affect recreational boaters. These include:

  • A sales tax on boat trade-ins.
  • A sales tax on winter storage of boats.
  • A sales tax on repair and maintenance labor on boats.
  • A “luxury tax” of 3% on the value of a boat purchase above $100,000. This would be in addition to the proposed 6.35% sales tax.

Further, House Bill 6387 would permit municipalities to impose a property tax on boats in Connecticut.

The changes will make it more expensive to own and maintain a boat in Connecticut. The Connecticut Marine Trades Association predicts that, if the bills pass, boat sales will decline, overhaul and repair work will fall, and owners will have a real incentive to move their boats to Rhode Island, which does not impose any of the above taxes.

Boaters who wish to oppose the bills are encouraged to call or email their State Senator and State Representative (refer to SB 1007 and HB 6387).

For contact information:

State of Connecticut: To find your Representative, Senator and Congressperson

Additional Bill Information:

Bill Text: CT House Bill 6387 – 2011 General Assembly

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