Cuttyhunk Harbor Dredging Planned

CuttyHunk Harbor, Photo: New England

The Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, has announced plans to perform maintenance dredging of Cuttyhunk Harbor and its channel.

The Federal Navigation Project (FNP) provides for a channel—10’ deep and 75’ wide—from the outer harbor to the westerly terminal in the inner harbor. It also provides for an anchorage—10’ deep, 800’ wide and 900’ long—in the inner harbor.

Historically, a sandbar forms in the outer portion of the entrance channel, from the end of the jetties to a point between Copicut Neck and Barges Beach. The shoaling is primarily a result of sand being washed off Barges Beach and into the channel during winter and spring northeast storms.

Cuttyhunk Channel, Photo: New England

Maintenance dredging to remove the shoaling is typically required every few years. The proposed work involves periodic maintenance dredging—including potentially this year—to remove approximately 15,000 cubic yards of clean sand from the outer portion of the entrance channel.

No word on when the proposed dredging would begin.

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