Development Planned on Maine Tidal Creek

Seacoast Online: More than 20 people walked through pasture, woods and waterfront along the York River and Old Mill Creek this past Wednesday to see the site of a proposed 44-acre subdivision.

SAT map of location.

Remains of a 300-year-old cellar hole were visible at the site of one of the proposed nine house lots. The cape-style house once overlooked Old Mill Creek, a tidal inlet where a dam was built to support the nation’s first “undershot” sawmill, built around 1634, according to local archaeologist Emerson “Tad” Baker. An undershot wheel turns from the impact of water flowing under, rather than over, the wheel.

The house, and another adjacent cellar hole, were more current with a second dam and sawmill built in the early 1700s, he said.

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