Dive Conference to Feature Wreck-Hunting Seminar

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Black Laser Learning, a leader in sonar training programs, will present their popular Hunting Shipwrecks seminar at the annual Boston Sea Rovers conference in Massachusetts, March 4-6, 2011.

Sport divers and amateur underwater archaeologists alike will get an in-depth overview on how to locate shipwrecks using side-scan sonar, magnetometers and Hummingbird sonar.

The workshop will start with sonar/magnetometer basics, then move through professional techniques. Topics covered will include search planning, search patterns, echosounders, sonars, magnetometers, metal detectors, and underwater tracking and target identification. In addition to explaining what the various instruments can do, Black Laser’s Vince Capone will show attendees how use them, including towing techniques and positioning, as well as how to coordinate with professionals to conduct effective search operations for shipwrecks and sunken aircraft.

Additionally, he’ll explain how he located the World War II German submarine U-215 for the Sea Hunters on George’s Bank. The presentation will finish with information on how to return to a target once it has been located.

The Hunting Shipwrecks seminar takes place Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 1-4 p.m. at the Sea Rovers conference being held at the Crowne Plaza, Boston North Shore, located in Danvers, Massachusetts.



  • $30 (includes a copy of Black Laser Learning’s sonar and magnetometer training DVD)

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