Dog Waste Eyed as Source of Medomak River Pollution

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Concerned clammers, Maine Dept. of Natural Resources staffers and Waldoboro, ME, town officials met recently to discuss the ongoing fecal-pollution issues in the Medomak River, an important source of clams. As a “conditional” river, Medomak is closed to clamdiggers for 9 days following rainfall of an inch or more.

Thus far, sources of fecal contamination of the river have proven not to be human, according to an article in the Lincoln County News. A potential source of the fecal coliform bacteria is dog waste, and 2 particular areas of concern include the town landing and an area near Hannaford Supermarket where people often walk their pets. Currently, there is a $200 fine for failing to clean up after one’s pets, but enforcement has been a problem. It was proposed at the meeting to close 2 acres at the town landing and the area next to Hannaford to pet-walking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a single deposit of dog waste can contain 3 million fecal bacteria, along with parasites and viruses.

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