Downings Landing Ramp in Alton, NH, to Close for Repairs


The public boat ramp facility known as Downing’s Landing in Alton, NH, which provides access to Alton Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee, will be closed for repairs beginning late Sunday, July 17, 2016. The ramp is expected to be closed for 2 weeks and will reopen late on Friday, July 29, 2016.

During the closure, a turbidity curtain (a plastic shield placed into the water) will be installed and remain in place, completely blocking the courtesy docks and ramp. This equipment traps silt and clay floating in the water as a result of the construction and prevents it from entering the lake. There will be no opportunity to launch or retrieve boats during this time period, nor will fishing be available from adjacent areas of the property. In the days just prior to the full closure, a limited portion of the parking area may be used to stockpile materials and equipment in preparation to making the repairs.

CLICK HERE for a Lake Winnie Launch Ramp Guide 

The New Hampshire Fish & Game Department will extend the existing concrete and asphalt ramp slab and repair the uneven and deep drop-off that was created by destructive and unnecessary “power-loading” of boats onto trailers. The extension will use the Department’s small concrete plank design until a full-upgrade of the property can be completed in the future.

New Hampshire’s Public Boat Access Program is funded through boat registration fees and federal Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration funds.