Duxbury Bay Maritime Adventures Program Celebrates 15th Season

Duxbury Bay Maritime Adventures Program Celebrates 15th Season
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In 2000, the Duxbury Bay Maritime School formed partnership with Crossroads for Kids to provide a tuition-free, 7-week, maritime-activity program for inner-city youth attending Camp Wing, an overnight camp in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Duxbury Bay Maritime Adventures Program Celebrates 15th SeasonNow entering its 15th year, the Maritime Adventures program hosts nearly 200 children and offers greater opportunities for experiential learning. Activities include sailing on an O’Day 23 (an opportunity to learn piloting and navigation while exploring Duxbury Bay), kayaking, working with local lobstermen and aquaculturists, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding and fishing. Students also spend time during low tide on the mud flats where they learn about crabs, shellfish, and the aquaculture industry. The flats offer an environment and ecosystem entirely new to most students. Older, returning campers who are interested receive intensive sailing instruction in 420’s.

The success of the program is due to the variety of activities and small class size. Each day includes a different activity so that participants are exposed to a range of maritime-related experiences. Since most activities require a team effort, the program teaches children to make new friends and work together.

With support from the Boston Marine Society, DBMS has purchased sea kayaks, sailboards, stand-up paddleboards, a Carolina Skiff and fishing and shell fishing equipment. This year the school plans to buy a launch large enough to hold entire Maritime Adventures classes to use for outings. This will offer greater flexibility for the Maritime Adventures instructors on busy DBMS program days when our launch drivers are transporting multiple sailing classes from shore to the floats where boats are stored.

DBMS believes that through participating in the Maritime Adventures program, children develop confidence in their abilities on the water and in themselves. Development of these skills instills a strong sense of self-reliance, and fosters positive self-esteem, leadership skills, and team work. These maritime activities are particularly significant for inner-city children because they are likely to be entirely new experiences. They learn all of this while having fun and gaining respect for and understanding of the sea.

Learn more about the Maritime Program at the Duxbury Bay Maritime School.

Duxbury Bay Maritime Adventures Program Celebrates 15th Season