Eastport Lobsterboat Race Results

Lobsterboat Race, stock art (2000) courtesy ##http://www.joedevenney.com/## Joe Devenney##

Hundreds of spectators lined the breakwater in Eastport, Maine, and the fish pier or sat in boats in Passamaquoddy Bay to enjoy last Sunday’s lobsterboat races, which were part of the weekend-long Pirate Festival.

SAT map of race area.

The race seemed to suffer a bit from “opening night jitters,” reports the Bangor Daily News, as the racing committee boat broke down and had to be towed, a mooring let loose and a sightseeing boat was pressed into service as the official timing boat, complete with radar gun.

Sunday was the third and final day of the Pirate Festival, which included parades on and off the water, bed races, a pirate ball and crowning of king and queen pirates, races, costume contests and live music, as well as food and vendors. Organizers estimate 10,000 people attended the 3-day festival.

Event organizer John Miller said that Sunday’s lobsterboat races were not part of the sanctioned races on the 10-race race circuit in Maine this year, but he hoped they would be part of the circuit next year. A grand prize of $1,000 was awarded.

Lobsterboat race winners:

  • Division 1: junior skippers division age 18 and under, up to 25 hp, must be with adult: Kali Alley, 9, Jonesport.
  • Division 2: working boat outboard/sterndrive division: Ralph Davis, Jonesport.
  • Division 3: recreational outboard/sterndrive division: Curtis Robinson, Jonesport.
  • Division 4: recreational outboard and stern drive division: Alton Smith, Harrington.
  • Division 5: working lobsterboat inboard division: no boats.
  • Division 6: working lobsterboat inboard division: no boats.
  • Division 7: working lobsterboat inboard division: no boats.
  • Division 8: working lobsterboat inboard division: Brent Davis, Beals Island.
  • Division 9: working lobsterboat inboard division: Wendall Bryant, Cutler.
  • Division 10: working lobsterboat dragger division: no boats.
  • Division 11: fastest working boat in Eastport area: Skip Harris, Eastport.
  • Division 12: fastest working boat U.S. lobsterboat: Wendall Bryant, Cutler.
  • Division 13: fastest working boat Canadian lobsterboat: no boats.
  • Division 14: international United States versus Canada: Wendall Bryant, Cutler.
  • Open to first 3 finishers of divisions 12 and 13, Division 15, Galen Alley open challenge division: Galen Alley, Jonesport.
  • * New unofficial speed record “lobster style” boat: 70.3 mph.

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