Elderly Women Rescued from Sinking Cars in Separate Incidents


submerged elderly
Illustration by New England Boating

Over the past weekend, 2 women in their 90s were rescued from their cars after the vehicles had become submerged in icy waters.

The Concord Monitor reports that Good Samaritans saved a 90-year-old woman from her car after it ended up in the waters of the Suncook River in Pittsfield, NH, on Sunday, April 5. The elderly woman had somehow driven her car off the edge of the road and into the river near the intersection of Bridge Street and River Road. The vehicle was soon swept about 40’ from shore by the current. As the car apparently hung up on a sandbar, the woman slipped out of an open window and began floating downstream. At the same moment, Nilsson Mills and another man grabbed a canoe from a nearby home and, using only their arms to propel the boat, reached the elderly woman. Once safely onshore, paramedics warmed the woman and transported her to the hospital, where she was reported in good shape.

Meanwhile, on Long Island, NY, the West Islip Patch reported that a Suffolk County [NY] police officer and a Good Samaritan pulled a 97-year-old woman from her vehicle after she drove into the water at the Bay Shore Marina on Saturday, April 4. Rescuers were alerted after a 911 caller reported the accident. The responding officer broke the window of the submerged vehicle, pulled the woman out and, with assistance from a bystander, lifted her to the dock. The elderly woman was transported to Southside Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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