ENPRO, Coast Guard Renew Spill Mitigation Contract

ENPRO Inc. of Newburyport, Massachusetts, a company that specializes in the management of oil and hazardous waste, announced the extension of its long-standing contract to provide environmental services to the Coast Guard, among them the containment, mitigation and cleanup of oil and hazardous material spills in New England waterways. ENPRO also holds certifications with the Coast Guard as a pre-qualified Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and ship-to-shore transfer contractor for the First Coast Guard District, which includes Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont.

As outlined in OSRO Classification Guidelines, this certification allows ENPRO to be placed on retainer for facilities such as shore-based oil terminals, meeting strict response time, equipment maintenance, shoreline protection, and containment booming requirements. As a Coast Guard-certified OSRO, ENPRO participates in regularly scheduled equipment and personnel inspections, as well as oil-spill response and preparedness exercises with a number of private and governmental agencies.