Entangled Right Whale Freed in Cape Cod Bay

Photo/Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies taken under NOAA permit number 932-1905.

CapeCodToday.com: Members of the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies Marine Animal Entanglement Response Team freed a right whale entangled in ropes on Friday, April 22. The entangled whale was spotted by researchers yesterday during an aerial survey, according to Tanya Grady, the Director of Communications for PCCS.

The whale was spotted in Cape Cod Bay surrounded by several other whales. It had rope through its mouth that was trailing over 40 feet [of line] behind its tail. According to Grady, an entanglement of this nature is potentially life-threatening to the whale over time. Members of the response team worked at freeing the animal for several hours. They were eventually able to use large buoys and make a single cut freeing the whale from the rope.

Boaters who see an entangled whale in the waters off Southern New England, should call (800-900-3622).

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