Evolving Fisheries Focus of Maine Museum Exhibit


Gone Fishing! is the title of a fascinating exhibit at Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport that explores the history and culture of Maine’s changing commercial fisheries since World War II.


As technology has changed through the years, so has the equipment used by Maine fishermen. Visitors will have the opportunity to take a look through time and see how the wheelhouses of fishing vessels have evolved.


Advances in aquatic farming ensure the sustainability of Maine’s fisheries. As part of Penobscot Marine Museum’s 2017 season, visitors will be able to observe an operational aquaponics system, courtesy of Herring Gut Learning Center.


Fishing weirs were once a vital part of Maine’s fishing industry, but now number in the few. In 2017 Penobscot Marine Museum will have a recreated fishing weir on site where visitors can experience a weir from a fish’s perspective. And while you’re visiting be sure to “go fishing” for realistic looking Maine fish in the Museum’s new display.



Gone Fsihing runs through October 15 at Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine.