EzyBoat Folding Boat Debuts in Miami

One of the more interesting new boats to be displayed at this year’s Miami International Boat Show (February 17-21) is the EzyBoat, a compact “pod” that quickly and easily opens to become a 14’ fiberglass skiff or daysailer.

When open and ready for use, the EzyBoat has a length of 14 ’, but it trailers at 8’ for easy towing and maneuvering. The road-legal, patented trailer is integral to the boat; the wheels retract into the hull with a single pull of a handle after launching. Power is provided by a gas or electric outboard up to 25 hp, and the boat comes with a 4-piece mast for sailing. The hull features a self-draining deck and 6 separate, sealed compartments.


  • Folded dimensions: 6.5’ W x 8’ L
  • Length (open): 14.5’
  • Passengers: 4
  • Storage: 440 lbs.
  • Maximum power: 25 hp
  • Base price: N/A

Contact Information:



email: Roy Ahearn



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