Farmed Oysters Helping Narragansett Bay

EastBayRI reports on a small-scale oyster-farming operation in Bristol, Rhode Island, that the owner claims has led to a resurgence of wild oysters in Narrangansett Bay.

Here’s an excerpt:

If you’ve ever ordered a Poppasquash Oyster at one of several “white tablecloth” restaurants in Rhode Island, you can thank Neil Thompson’s Windfall Shellfish company for getting them there.

Tucked behind his family’s home on Poppasquash Road, Mr. Thompson owns and operates the state’s smallest aquaculture farm. At just under one acre of sea floor, which he leases from the state, a manageable size for a crew of one, his farm may not be the largest producer of oysters brought to market, but he says the economic and environmental benefits that even his small farm produces are significant.

Mr. Thompson believes his farm and other local oyster aquaculture efforts could be the reason he’s suddenly seeing wild oysters cropping up in local waters.

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East Bay Rhode Island

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