Raymarine's Dragonfly 7, Sonar/Plotter

Raymarine’s new Dragonfly7 fishfinder/plotter features a high-performance, dual-channel CHIRP sonar, a chartplotter with built-in GPS antenna and a wide 7” screen. The unit can be mounted overhead while maintaining tilt-and-swivel capability.

Like the original Dragonfly, the Dragonfly7 has an intuitive Uni-controller interface that lets anglers quickly dial through the DownVision, sonar and GPS menu displays. In sounder mode, the unit uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar signals, resulting in high-fidelity returns.

The Dragonfly7 has 2 dedicated CHIRP sonar channels, which provide simultaneous views of both fish-targeting sonar and lifelike DownVision imagery using the dual-sonar, split-screen display mode.

Dragonfly7 Key Features

  • Photo-like imagery of bottom structure using CHIRP DownVision
  • CHIRP-powered Dual Channel sonar. View high-resolution DownVision structure images and target fish with CHIRP sonar simultaneously using dual sonar mode.
  • Matched dual-beam CHIRP transducer with wide 60° x 1.4° fan beam for DownVision imagery plus a conical 25° beam for targeting fish.
  • Accurate temperature sensor built into the transducer.
  • Choice of transom-mount, through-hull plastic or through-hull bronze transducers.
  • Built-in 50-channel GPS sensor with fast-acquisition technology.
  • New waypoint symbols and waypoint management allow search by name, symbol or area.
  • New GPX file format to support the saving, transfer & archiving of waypoint data
  • Support for Lighthouse US Vector & Raster chart downloads.
  • Support for the display of Navionics SonarCharts & Community Edits (Freshest Data program).
  • Simple user interface for easy access to menu options and display choices.
  • Ultra-bright 1500 nit optically bonded sunlight display for maximum readability in all conditions.

Price: $862.73

For contact information go to the RayMarine website.

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