The Hidden Coast of Maine: Isles of Shoals to West Quoddy Head

Readers of New England boating periodicals have long appreciated the work of Maine’s Ken Textor and Joe Devenney. The considerable talents—Textor with words, Devenney with photos—of these two artists in their coverage of Maine’s splendid coast are second to none. So when word of their first large–format book reached our ears, we could only wonder: “What took so long?”

It was worth the wait. The Hidden Coast of Maine: Isles of Shoals t o West Quoddy Head is a celebration of water, land and light, the three elements coming together in a rugged and beautiful place unlike any other on the globe. As the title implies, the book is a virtual trip along the Maine coast, but one that strays from the more touristy roads. Instead, Devenney and Textor provide glimpses of a less-explored Maine, places more familiar to winter surfers, seaworm diggers, working lobstermen and experts in the art of “careening” (you’ll have to read the book to learn more about that). Devenney’s images capture the natural beauty of Maine in all seasons, as well as human endeavors in that sometimes harsh environment, while Textor adds interesting side notes on the photos and places, such as the rock “wind gauge” on Great Wass Island, the origins of Reid State Park, the fairy huts of Monhegan Island’s Cathedral Woods and the mysterious carved faces on the pilings of Belfast. And yes, there are plenty of lovely boat and harbor shots to go around, too.

Overall, The Hidden Coast is a splendid exploration of Maine that will give you a fresh appreciation of this beautiful state and open your eyes to its many hidden gems.

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The Hidden Coast of Maine: Isles of Shoals to West Quoddy Head


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