Fisheries Science Lecture Series Begins in Gloucester, MA

Photo/Large Pelagics Research Center
Photo/Large Pelagics Research Center

Maritime Gloucester will host a series of free fisheries science presentations through April on Thursday nights (7:00), presented by the Large Pelagics Research Center of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

April 10: Jonathan Grabowski, “From Food Webs to Fisheries: The Interdependence of Socio-Economics and Ecology in the Gulf of Maine.”

April 17: Angela Vanderlaan and Moira Brown, “Minimizing Vessel Strikes to Endangered Right Whales: A Crash Course in Conversation, Science and Policy.”

April 24: Michael Jech, “Near and Far, Large and Small: What Underwater Sound Can tell Us About Fish and Plankton in the Sea.”

The speaker series is sponsored by Boston Sword & Tuna Inc., Gorton’s, Angelica Fisheries, the City of Gloucester and the Gloucester Fisheries Commission.

For directions and more information go to the Maritime Gloucester website.