Fisherman-Scientist Works To Save Maine’s Fishery

Perhaps nobody has their finger on the pulse of Maine’s fishery more so than Ted Ames. As both a fisherman and a scientist, Ames has spent years gathering information from retired fishermen to help him map historical changes in cod spawning grounds on the Gulf of Maine coastal shelf. He hopes that information will lead to more sustainable fisheries management practices, and perhaps bring back depleted stocks.

For his work, Ames earned the 2005 MacArthur Award – often referred to as a Genius Award – for exceptional creativity and promise for important future advances. He is currently teaching a class at Bowdoin College on the troubles facing the Maine fishery.

The Bowdoin website recently published an interview with him in which he discusses his background as a scientist and fisherman, his research, and a discovery that might help revive New England’s devastated commercial fishery.

To read the interview:

Bowdoin College


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Host Frank Ferrel discussed the history of the Maine groundfishing industry, among other topics, with Ames in the picturesque library of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle.