Fishing Gear Cleared for Block Island Wind Farm Cable

Rendering/Deepwater Wind
Rendering/Deepwater Wind

Block Island Times: Construction of the 30-megawatt Deepwater Wind Block Island Wind Farm and National Grid’s seashore submarine cable will involve clearing the ocean of fishing gear and other impediments. To that end, a utility vessel called the Megan T. Miller has been employed to conduct clearance of obstacles from the cable route utilizing a grapnel hook. The vessel is on a ‘waiting-on-weather’ status to conduct what’s called grapnel runs.

A grapnel hook is a small anchor with flukes (small hooks) that is dragged behind a boat, and is frequently employed by the Navy to dredge and clear ocean paths from submerged ordnance and other debris.

The Megan T. Miller, the vessel charged with performing the grapnel runs, owned and operated by Miller Marine Services out of New York and Connecticut, is a 100-foot long, 800 horsepower, diesel powered propeller driven boat that resembles a tugboat, and is capable of cruising at 10 knots.

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