Jeff Miller, owner of Canal Bait & Tackle in Sagamore, Massachusetts, recently attended the tackle trade show in New Jersey, where he got a good look at some of the latest and greatest fishing gear for 2012.

Here he gives us his pick of 6 new products that he thinks will be of interest to New England anglers this season—and why. Naturally you can find all of the above products at Canal Bait & Tackle.

1. Okuma Raw II 80 Spinning Reel

“The drag on this reel is outstanding,” says Miller, “all the way up to 50 pounds. Also, it has a very solid aluminum handle, and the wide spool will provide greater casting distance. It’ll hold a ton of braid, so it should do double-duty for both surf casting and pursuing school tuna.”

Other features of the Raw II 80 include a Hydro Block watertight drag, carbon-fiber drag washers greased with Cal’s Universal Grease, 7 stainless ball bearings, T480 all-aluminum alloy body and all-aluminum rotor.

2. Seaguar Kansen Braided line

“I like the Kansen braid because it has a very small diameter and a very smooth finish. It’s also got a round profile (not flat), so it should improve casting distance. It’ll be a good distance-casting line, plus the moss-green color will blend in nicely with local waters.”

3. Savage Lures Sand Eel

“The Savage Sand Eel is very sturdy. The hooks on these lures are extremely sharp, and the paint job holds up well to contact with rocks and other structure. The soft-plastic, paddle-tail body is kind of a mix between a RonZ and a Tsunami Shad. And it’s made of PVC plastic, so it’s very durable. The jigheads come in 5 oz., 3 oz., 2 oz. and 1 oz. sizes, in 5 colors, so it’ll match a variety of prey items. It should be great for smaller tuna, as well as striped bass. Oh, and they come packaged with an extra tail.”

4. Penn Complete Reel Cleaning Kit

“This kit comes with everything you’ll need to clean a reel on a regular basis: Salt remover spray, grease, oil, bearing lube, standard spray cleaner. You can get well over 6 complete cleanings per kit, so you’ll be more likely to clean and maintain your reels on a regular basis.”

5. Daiwa Emblem Shot 6000A Spinning Reel

“This is another good spinning reel. It has a very strong, light body [23 ounces], and a super-fast retrieve [5.1:1]. It’s stronger than the Daiwa Emblem Pro. I also like the auto bail system [as opposed to manual bail]. It’ll hold over 400 yards of Samurai braid, and up to 290 yards of 20-pound mono, so you won’t have to worry about line capacity.”

Other features of the Shot include infinite anti-reverse, cross-wrap bail for improved casting distance, 3 CRB bearings and a maximum drag of 22 pounds.

6. Guppy Lures

“These hard-wood lures are locally made in Plymouth, Massachusetts, by Wayne Hess, who surf-casts every day. They’re through-wired and rigged with super strong 3/0 VMC hooks and 100-pound-test split rings. Also, they have a very tough paint job that holds up to rocks and bluefish teeth. They come in 10 different colors and 7 different patterns.”

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