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New England fishermen in search of top-quality, high-end rods for both fresh and salt water need look no further than Cape Cod, home base of the recently formed Aubut Rods. The company was founded in 2011 by Captain Chris Aubut, a former light-tackle guide in Westport, Massachusetts, and the Florida Keys. Aubut’s goal is to be a local technical resource for anglers who are looking for the best in fly rods, spinning rods and casting rods—and he’s already got the product to prove it.

Photo/Aubut Rods

“The focus at Aubut Rods is to build a premium product, using the finest components available,” explains Chris. “The rods are over-built and aesthetically pleasing, and feature a clean design.”

The current line comprises 10 models, the majority of which are species-specific, but can also be used for crossover applications. All rods are handcrafted in Aubut’s Falmouth shop.

One of the most popular models is the TK8030 ($440), which was designed to fish soft-plastics for tarpon with braided lines. Fish up to 150 pounds have been landed on this rod, which was designed to cast a 3/4-ounce Hogy lure.

Photo/Aubut Rods

For anglers targeting local species, the TK8030 will land any striped bass that swims, and can also be used for football tuna up to 40 or 50 pounds. “It has proven to be a very versatile rod for the braided-line game,” says Chris, who offers the TK8030 in spinning and casting versions.

As mentioned, Aubut also makes freshwater rods, including models designed for fishing spring-fed kettle ponds for smallmouth and largemouth bass. The water in these ponds is very clear, forcing anglers to fish very light line. The GF6Y12 ($200) is a great option for casting 1/16- or 1/8-ounce grubs, tubes, or small swim baits with fluorocarbon line—a proven method for catching large freshwater fish under difficult conditions.

Aubut Rods also builds 3- and 4-piece travel rods in spinning, casting and fly versions. All fit nicely in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

While the rods in the current product line will meet most light-tackle fishing situations, Chris occasionally works one-on-one with customers to design and build species- or situation-specific custom rods. He’s always happy to talk fishing!

Prices on Aubut rods start at $200.

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Photo/Aubut Rods

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