The Connecticut striped bass “bonus” fishery give Connecticut anglers an opportunity to harvest a limited number of smaller (22” to 28”) striped bass during May and June (2013) in state waters, both in the Marine and Inland Districts of Connecticut state waters only.

The bonus fishery was approved by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Striped Bass Management Board, which oversees the conservation of the species throughout its range. Amendment 6 to the Striped Bass Fishery Management plan currently allocates a 23,750-pound commercial striped bass quota to Connecticut, which is being used in this program to provide this additional recreational fishing opportunities since commercial striped bass harvest is prohibited in this state. The unused commercial quota equates to 4,025 fish available for harvest under this program.

Program Objectives / Ways to Use the Voucher

While the striped bass vouchers may be used by any angler throughout state waters, the DEEP is encouraging their use in major rivers where striped bass in the bonus slot size can be major predators of blueback herring and alewives. Both forage species have been under statewide closure since 2002 due to stock concerns.

Anglers are also encouraged to use this program to introduce a friend, neighbor or child to fishing: “Share the Experience – Take Someone Fishing”. The department is also interested in encouraging and enhancing urban and shore fishing opportunities, which the bonus striper program is especially well suited for.

Bass fishermen generally may want to hold onto a voucher to use if an undersized fish intended for release is deep hooked or otherwise unlikely to survive. Alternatively, anglers should consider taking a smaller bonus fish home for a meal and releasing the larger (28”+) “spawner” fish.

2013 Program Regulations

  • One voucher is good for one (1) bonus striped bass.
  • A bonus striper is at least 22” but less than 28”.
  • 2 bonus fish may be harvested per day, provided the angler possesses a voucher for each fish.
  • Open Season: May 1 through June 30, 2013.
  • Important: To be valid, the Voucher card must be filled out immediately upon harvest of a qualifying striped bass. See the illustration above. Failure to complete the voucher immediately disqualifies the fish from the 28” minimum size exception under this program.
  • Vouchers must be retained with the striped bass until the fish is taken to your home or other location where it is to be consumed.
  • Mail the voucher back to Marine Fisheries. The voucher is already addressed and postage paid for return on the reverse side. It’s free, so please mail it back to assure continuation of this program.
  • Vouchers are valid in Connecticut state waters only.
  • The normal limit of 2 striped bass 28” or greater may also be harvested.

For more information:

CT DEEP – Fishing

Notice to Recreational Fishermen

Call: (860-434-6043)

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