The Mianus Chapter of Trout Unlimited reports that anglers in Connecticut may soon be able to fish for sea-run brown trout all the way upstream to Wilton—a possible result of the $970,000 grant by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to remove the Flock Process Dam.

The dam, a roughly 20’ barrier to fish passage, is the lowermost dam on the Norwalk River, located a few hundred yards south of the Merritt Parkway. With the dam’s removal, sea-run trout and other anadromous fish such as alewives, herring and more will be free to travel 7 miles upstream into Wilton where they will find more suitable spawning habitat.

With the Flock Dam coming out, the next step is to remove the Dana Dam at Merwin Meadows Park in Wilton. Engineering for that project has already been completed.

In 2003, the Mianus Chapter undertook a $50,000 project to build a fish bypass channel around the Cannondale Dam in Wilton, so once the Flock and Dana Dams come out, sea-run trout will be able to swim unimpeded all the way to Georgetown—more than 11 miles from the Sound.


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