The Bomber 16A in Mother of Pearl is a great early season lure.

The Bomber 16A in Mother of Pearl is a great early season lure.

When it comes to early-season lures, this one’s a keeper! The Bomber 16A Heavy Duty (HD) Long A, in the “Mother of Pearl” pattern, does a great job of imitating herring and squid, both of which invade the shallow coastal waters of New England in May.

A striper on a Bomber lure.

A striper on a Bomber lure. Photos/New England Boating, Tom Richardson.

The lure can be cast or trolled, which is useful for prospecting large areas for schools of bass and bluefish. Also, it swims fairly shallow, which allows it to be fished over structure in 10’ of water or less, where many game fish hang out in the spring. While the lure comes factory-rigged with 3 trebles, many anglers remove the belly hook to make it easier to release a fish.

For more information go to the Bomber Lures website.


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